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DANIHANS Sartor: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

DANIHANS Sartor: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

Introducing DANIHANS Sartor, an automatic watch, unveiling timeless elegance, that beckons to be worn every day, a tribute to the past that effortlessly enhances the present in all its magnificent facets. As passionate watchmaking lovers, we embarked on a journey to design a timepiece that embodies all the features we’ve admired in the iconic Gentiani watches from the 70s. Every intricate detail of Sartor has been meticulously crafted to reflect our unwavering passion, resulting in a stunning watch that pays homage to the past while embracing modern sensibilities. Join us on this timeless voyage and bring the iconic vintage style back to life with Sartor.

Relive the Iconic 70s with DANIHANS Sartor: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

A Tribute to Timeless Elegance

Our inspiration for Sartor comes from the iconic lines of the 70s that exuded an air of timeless elegance. We’ve woven the essence of that era into every aspect of Sartor, curating a timepiece that seamlessly blends style, technique, and exquisite details, culminating in an iconic masterpiece.

The Heart of Swiss Watchmaking

At the core of Sartor lies the Swiss Sellita SW200-1 movement—an automatic mechanical marvel that embodies the very essence of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Renowned for its precision, reliability, and robustness, this movement ensures your Sartor stands the test of time and becomes your ideal companion for everyday wear. With 28,800 vibrations per hour, a 38-hour power reserve, and 26 jewels, Sartor promises accuracy and dependability for years to come.

Craftsmanship that Transcends Time













A Crown Worthy of Royalty

The hexagonal crown of Sartor is not just an aesthetic delight but also a masterstroke of functional artistry. Designed to mirror the texture of the dial, it seamlessly merges aesthetic appeal with technical efficiency. The generous size and shape ensure perfect operation, and the screw-down crown guarantees water resistance up to an impressive 200 meters. The brand logo, elegantly engraved and encased in a circle, graces the crown head, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail.

The Beauty of a Three-Dimensional Dial

The dial of Sartor is a labor of love, dedicated to achieving perfect harmony. It features a mesmerizing hexagonal texture crafted through meticulous material work, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect. Finely crafted, polished, and applied indexes adorn the dial, adding to the play of light and enhancing the overall allure. At 12 o’clock, our signature three-dimensional logo, crafted from steel, takes center stage and proudly announces the exceptional craftsmanship of Sartor.

Durability and Legibility – Sapphire Crystal

Sartor is designed for the long haul, and that’s why we’ve selected a sapphire crystal for its remarkable resistance. To ensure exceptional legibility in any situation, we’ve treated the glass with an internal anti-reflective coating. However, we’ve deliberately avoided applying an external anti-reflection coating to preserve the crystal’s anti-scratch characteristics, a thoughtful touch for your everyday use.

A Sleek 39mm Case – A Perfect Fit

The 39mm case of Sartor, crafted from 316L steel, marries satin finishes with polished bevels for a harmonious blend of elegance and sophistication. With a lug-to-lug measurement of 45mm and an overall case thickness of 11mm, Sartor embraces the wrists of all sizes with grace. The inclined lugs and perfect dimensions ensure a snug fit, making Sartor a true extension of your style.

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The Bracelet: A Continuation of the Case

The bracelet of Sartor has been thoughtfully designed and engineered to integrate seamlessly with the case. We’ve dedicated meticulous attention to the point of contact between the bracelet and the case, creating a true integrated bracelet that ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow. Conically shaped in thickness and width, the bracelet measures 26mm and tapers down to 18mm, offering unparalleled flexibility and wearability.


Craftsmanship that Defines Comfort

Each link of Sartor’s bracelet has been finely worked and carefully polished to eliminate sharp edges, resulting in a bracelet that’s not just stylish but comfortable for all-day wear. To complete this masterpiece, we’ve equipped Sartor with a butterfly closure, ensuring a secure and virtually invisible closure.

A Symphony of Brushed and Glossy Surfaces

Sartor exudes a symphony of brushed and glossy surfaces, starting from the case and extending seamlessly onto the bracelet. This continuous interplay of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing visual feast, making Sartor a delight to wear and behold.
Our Promise: Quality, Reliability, and Transparency

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Fully Managed by DANIHANS

DANIHANS, a registered microbrand in Italy, fully manages this project. We’ve carefully selected the best suppliers for procurement, ensuring that every Sartor watch meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Extensive Prototyping and Testing

Before launching this campaign, we subjected Sartor to extensive prototyping and testing, leaving no stone unturned to achieve the utmost quality and accuracy. With DANIHANS, you can be confident that every Sartor watch has been meticulously checked, tested, and assembled in our laboratory before reaching your wrist.

Join the Sartor Revolution – Embrace Timeless Elegance

Pledge Today and Elevate Your Style

Sartor is more than just a watch—it’s a journey back to timeless elegance and an emblem of sophistication. By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be a part of the Sartor revolution, bringing iconic vintage style back to life in the most exquisite form.

Experience the Craftsmanship of Sartor

Rediscover the magic of the 70s with Sartor’s iconic vintage style and modern functionality. Back our Kickstarter campaign today to secure your Sartor at an exclusive price. Embrace the elegance of yesteryears and elevate your everyday with Sartor on your wrist.

Transparency and Communication

At DANIHANS, we value transparency and open communication. Throughout the manufacturing and delivery process, we’ll keep you updated with regular posts and open lines of communication. Your feedback, concerns, and suggestions matter to us, and we’ll be here to address any queries you may have.

The Time is Now

Elevate your style with Sartor—a timepiece that transcends time and exudes iconic vintage charm. Embrace the art of watchmaking with DANIHANS and join the Sartor movement today. Let Sartor be the timeless masterpiece that graces your wrist, empowering you to embrace each moment with elegance and sophistication. Pledge now and be a part of the Sartor legacy!

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