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How to Create A Compelling Crowdfunding Video Pitch: Tips from Successful Creators

how to create a compelling crowdfunding video

When it comes to crowdfunding, the video pitch is one of the most important elements of your campaign. It’s your chance to introduce your project to potential backers and convince them to donate. But how do you make a video that stands out from the crowd and convinces people to invest? Check out these tips from Successful Creators!


Your crowdfunding video will significantly influence your crowdfunding campaign by generating more attention. The video gives you the chance to present yourself and your product in the best light. It also gives potential backers a chance to get to know you. They also care about who you are and your mentality and vision for your project. Why should they invest with you?

Before you plan your own campaign, watch videos of other crowdfunding projects. You can learn a lot from their campaigns. It’s a matter of taking inspiration from the good elements and learning lessons from the bad ones about what you can do better. Then your crowdfunding video will top everything that has gone before.

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How To Create A Compelling Crowdfunding Video Pitch

To create an effective crowdfunding video, start by writing a script. The script should be concise and informative, highlighting what makes your project unique and why people should support it. Keep in mind that your video will likely be viewed on a small screen, so focus on delivering key information quickly and clearly.

Once you have a solid script, it’s time to start filming. Be sure to choose high-quality locations that represent your project well and shoot in a variety of different angles so there’s enough footage to work from when editing.

Whether you are running a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, as well as Equity Crowdfunding or Real Estate Crowdfunding, these tips will work:

  1. Start with a strong hook to capture your viewers’ attention. This is the first thing people are going to see, so you have just a few seconds to grab their interest and keep them from clicking away. “Hooks” can be anything from a shocking statistic or statement of fact that demonstrates how dire the situation is, to an intriguing question that piques their curiosity and makes them want to watch more. You could also use some humor in your intro if it fits with the tone of your video – this will help make you seem relatable and likable right off the bat! And don’t forget about music – find something upbeat yet appropriate for what you’re trying to communicate and your video will be that much more effective.
  2. Make your video interesting and engaging. This is not the time to drone on about all the details of your project – people don’t have the attention span for that! Instead, focus on telling a story or giving an overview of what you’re trying to achieve. Showcase how your idea is unique and why it’s worth supporting. If you can make people care about your project, they’re much more likely to donate. 
  3. Keep it short and to the point. The average person watching a crowdfunding pitch video has just a few minutes to spare, so there’s no need to drag things out unnecessarily. Get right to the heart of what your project is about, what needs to be done, and why people should donate. 
  4. Clearly explain what your project is and why people should donate. This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s surprising how many pitch videos are vague or confusing. Make sure to state clearly what you’re asking for money for, and explain in detail why your project is worth supporting. Paint a picture of the end result – what will the world look like if your idea succeeds? 
  5. Use visuals to help illustrate your pitch. A video without any accompanying images can be pretty dull, so make use of footage, slides, or even just props to help get your point across. If you have someone speaking in your video, try to film them against a visually interesting background instead of just standing still! This will keep viewers’ eyes engaged for longer periods of time. 
  6. Appeal to your viewers’ emotions. The human brain is wired to respond emotionally, so why not capitalize on this by appealing directly to people’s feelings? If there’s an aspect of your project that evokes a certain emotion (fear, sadness, joy), use it in your pitch video – you’ll have much better luck getting donations from those who watch than if all they see are facts and figures presented coldly without any emotion behind them. And remember: don’t be afraid of being too sentimental or cheesy – most people prefer videos that tug at their heartstrings over ones with dry statistics! 
  7. Finish with a strong call to action. After you’ve told viewers all about your project, make sure they know what to do next! Ask for donations directly by linking them back to the crowdfunding campaign page, or ask them if they’d like more information on how they can help out with your idea in other ways (such as spreading word of mouth). 
  8. End on a positive note: thank people for watching and let them know that their support is appreciated no matter what amount it’s at – even just sharing this video goes a long way towards making dreams come true! With these tips in mind, I hope now you feel confident enough to get started creating an amazing pitch video script so that others will want donate towards your crowdfunding campaign too!


We’ll leave you with one last tip – don’t forget your call to action! You want people watching your video to take some sort of action. Whether it be donating or sharing the link on social media, make sure they have an opportunity to do so somewhere in the video. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll create a compelling crowdfunding pitch video that stands out from the rest and convinces potential backers to donate! Good luck!

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