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Introducing Arcsist F4: The Pioneer 4×4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner

Introducing Arcsist F4: The Pioneer 4x4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner

Are you tired of sweltering heat and uncomfortable outdoor experiences? Are you seeking a powerful and portable solution to beat the heat wherever you go? Look no further! We proudly present Arcsist F4, the pioneer 4×4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner that brings you rapid cooling and refreshing comfort during scorching summers and outdoor adventures.

Embrace Coolness-Sharing Outdoors with Arcsist F4: the pioneer 4×4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner

The Arcsist F4 is not just another portable air conditioner; it’s a pioneer in the realm of cooling technology. With its unique 4×4 Air Flow design and powerful Panasonic 3.0 Micro Rotor Twin Compressor, Arcsist F4 delivers a cooling experience like no other. Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort and hello to refreshing coolness that you can share with your friends and family.

Unrivaled Cooling Power and Efficiency

Arcsist F4 boasts a powerful 2200 BTU+ Refrigeration Capacity while consuming just 180W of Cooling Power. Thanks to its can-like Panasonic 3.0 Micro Rotor Twin Compressor, exclusive Aluminum Tube Evaporator, and car-used Parallel Flow Condenser, Arcsist F4 achieves rapid cooling without draining excessive power. In just 15 minutes, it can cool your environment by a refreshing 7°C, providing you with the perfect oasis in the scorching heat.

Introducing Arcsist F4: The Pioneer 4x4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner

Customized 4×4 Air Flow Design

Arcsist F4’s 4×4 Air Flow design offers a four-sided cooling sensation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable from every angle. You can easily adjust the Up & Down Wind Direction on each side using the air outlet direction knob, as well as the Air Intensity using the air volume knob. Share the coolness with everyone around you, and enjoy the ultimate outdoor relaxation.

Ventilate Your Tent or Confined Space with Ease

Switch the 4×4 Air Flow to the top air outlet, and Arcsist F4 transforms into a cooling powerhouse for your tent or any confined space. With the cooling air/organ pipe, you can quickly cool the ambient temperature, turning your tent into a refreshing haven even during the hottest days. Arcsist F4 Portable Air Conditioner enhances your outdoor activities by creating a pleasant and cool environment wherever you go.

Freedom and Flexibility with Battery Power

Arcsist F4 is designed for convenience and mobility. With the 720WH battery accessory, you can enjoy up to 4.5 hours of continuous cooling without being tethered to power outlets. The battery accessory is easily installed and removed from the bottom of the main AC body, giving you the freedom to move and stay cool wherever you are.

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Quiet and Relaxing Outdoor Experience

Enjoy a calm and peaceful outdoor time with Arcsist F4’s noise level of less than 46 dBA during operation. Our optimal pairing of a suitable air duct and compressor ensures a tranquil environment without compromising cooling efficiency.

Smart Mode for Ultimate Convenience

With just one click, the Smart Mode on Arcsist F4 provides extreme convenience. The Temperature Sensor on the Remote Controller and Arcsist Control Panel displays the temperature in both Degrees Fahrenheit (℉) and Degrees Celsius (℃). Choose between Smart, Strong, Sleeping, and Manual Mode to adapt to different situations. And with two battery packs, the Smart-Sleeping system allows you to enjoy a cool environment for up to 9 hours, guaranteeing you a restful night’s sleep.

Intelligent Remote Control and Searching Function

The detachable Remote Controller is made with environmentally friendly materials and utilizes 2.4G wireless Radio Frequency (RF) Technology. It can transmit instructions precisely within a 30m distance and features a beeping sound for added assurance. Moreover, if you misplace the remote controller, simply press the Forced Power On/Off Button on Arcsist F4 for 5 seconds, and the Remote Controller will sound an alarm, helping you locate it in no time.












Risks and Challenges

As with any ambitious project, we recognize that there may be potential risks and challenges along the way. However, we are fully prepared and committed to delivering the best product to our backers. We have already made significant progress in the production and shipping process, ensuring timely delivery.

To minimize any potential issues, we have partnered with reliable logistics companies to handle shipping. Our team is experienced and dedicated to making Arcsist F4 a reality for our supporters.

However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, which is why we are seeking additional backers to support our campaign. Your backing not only helps us overcome challenges but also allows us to continue offering this innovative product to more people at an affordable price.

Our primary focus is your satisfaction, and we will remain transparent and communicate any setbacks promptly through regular updates.

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Support Arcsist F4: The Future of Portable Cooling

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way you stay cool outdoors. Back our campaign, and be part of the coolness-sharing movement with Arcsist F4. Stay refreshed, stay cool, and enjoy outdoor adventures like never before!

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