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Introducing Deseno: Fashion Suitcase with Large Capacity

Deseno: Fashion Suitcase with Large Capacity

Unlock Your Travel Potential with Deseno – The Perfect Companion for Adventurers

In a world yearning for new adventures and the excitement of travel, Deseno presents the ultimate solution for your long-distance journeys. Our high-quality 30-inch suitcase combines stunning design with generous capacity, offering you the perfect travel companion for all your explorations. With decades of industry expertise, Deseno has revolutionized suitcase craftsmanship, employing innovative embedded techniques that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Experience the convenience, security, and style that Deseno brings, making your travels easier and safer.

Embrace a New Era of Suitcase Design

Bid farewell to traditional 5:5 suitcase body designs and say hello to limitless storage possibilities. Deseno introduces the groundbreaking 2:8 super deep undercover and narrow box body design, which not only increases storage capacity by a remarkable 40%, but also overcomes the challenge of carrying bulky items. No longer will you be restricted by travel limitations, as our suitcase empowers you to effortlessly accommodate all your belongings.
















The Perfect Storage Configuration

Deseno takes pride in providing the most optimal storage configuration, ensuring you have the best possible space utilization. Equipped with two independent and detachable partitions, our suitcase offers unparalleled flexibility in luggage storage. Customize the arrangement according to your specific needs, maximizing the available space to suit your travel essentials perfectly.

Uncompromising Quality and Safety

Every Deseno product undergoes rigorous laboratory inspection procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. We go the extra mile to guarantee that our suitcases not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our products have successfully passed stringent safety certification inspections, including Wheel Wear Tests, Drop Tests, and Handle Vibration Tests, giving you the peace of mind that your belongings are in reliable hands.

Introducing Zipper-Style Suitcases

To cater to diverse preferences, we are delighted to expand our range to include zipper-style suitcases. These suitcases offer an alternative option for those who prefer the convenience and accessibility of a zipper closure. Experience the perfect balance between style and functionality with our zipper-style suitcases, making your travels even more effortless.












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About Deseno

Founded in 2009, Deseno is dedicated to creating travel boutique products that prioritize practicality and style. With our international boutique production environment and a firm commitment to providing exceptional quality warranty service, we strive to deliver a seamless blend of elegant design and functional excellence in all our offerings. When you venture out into the world, pushing a Deseno suitcase, you become a part of the most beautiful scenery.

Support Deseno and Transform Your Travel Experience

Now is the time to take action and support our crowdfunding campaign. Join us in shaping the future of travel with Deseno, the fashion suitcase that combines elegance, convenience, and innovation. With your support, we can bring our high-quality suitcases to life and make your travel dreams a reality.

Indulge in the freedom of hassle-free packing, spacious storage, and stylish design. Embrace the adventure that awaits you and let Deseno be your trusted travel companion. Together, let’s explore the world with confidence and sophistication. Back our campaign today and elevate your travel experience with Deseno – the embodiment of fashion, functionality, and wanderlust.

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