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Introducing Hover X1: The Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera

Introducing Hover X1: The Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera

Are you ready to elevate your photography and videography game to new heights? Say hello to the Hover Camera X1 — the ultimate pocket-sized self-flying camera that redefines portability and creativity. Whether you’re an adventurer, content creator, or simply someone who cherishes capturing life’s special moments, the Hover Camera X1 is your go-to companion for cinematic, hands-free shots.

Embrace the Freedom of Hands-Free Flying: Introducing Hover X1

With the Hover Camera X1, the possibilities are endless. Weighing just 125g, this compact wonder is designed to be with you everywhere you go. It’s time to bid farewell to complicated setups and tedious manual flying. Thanks to its innovative Palm Takeoff feature, you can launch the Hover Camera X1 in a mere 3 seconds, right from the palm of your hand. Be ready to capture the moment in an instant, without missing a beat.

Elevate Your Footage with Intelligent Flight Paths

The Hover Camera X1 is not just any drone; it’s a versatile creative tool. Unlock the true potential of your aerial photography and videography with five pre-programmed flight paths: Hover, Follow, Reveal, Orbit, and Overhead. Each mode is thoughtfully designed to offer unique perspectives and cinematic shots that will leave you and your audience in awe.















Hover Mode: Hands-Free Selfies and Group Photos

Set the Hover Camera X1 to Hover Mode, and it will frame you from a static position, allowing you to capture effortless hands-free selfies and group photos. Say goodbye to awkward arm stretches and hello to stunning, well-framed shots.

Follow Mode: Be the Star of Your Story

With Follow Mode, the Hover Camera X1 can track and follow you from the front or back, maintaining a steady frame even at speeds of up to 20km/h. Robust computer vision algorithms ensure you remain the center of attention, no matter where your adventures take you.

Zoom Out Mode: Expand Your Horizons

Zoom Out Mode is the secret to capturing the full essence of your surroundings. Gradually include more of your environment for a dramatic and engaging effect. Perfect for immortalizing the vibrant atmosphere of parties, camping trips, or intimate backyard barbecues.

Orbit Mode: Showcasing Locations in Style

Want to showcase a location or highlight an object? Orbit Mode has you covered. The Hover Camera X1 orbits steadily around you, capturing mesmerizing footage that showcases your favorite spots or beloved possessions, like your new home, car, or even your adorable new puppy!

Bird’s Eye Mode: Unleash Creativity from Above

Take your aerial photography to new heights with Bird’s Eye Mode. With just one click, the Hover Camera X1 captures breathtaking overhead views, giving you a unique perspective of even the most complex moments. Witness the world unfold beneath you, revealing its beauty from an awe-inspiring angle.

Award-Winning Design:The Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera

Hover Camera is renowned for its innovative product design, having received multiple prestigious design awards globally. The Hover Camera X1 continues this tradition of excellence, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance to deliver an unparalleled aerial photography experience.


Compact and Foldable: Your Adventure Companion

The Hover Camera X1’s compact and foldable design ensures easy transportation and storage. Its lightweight construction allows you to take it anywhere without feeling burdened. From hiking trails to cityscapes, the Hover Camera X1 is ready to capture your precious moments with ease and peace of mind.

Extend Your Flight Time with Extra Battery

For our backers who crave more flying time, we’ve got you covered. With our extra battery add-ons, you can extend your flight time for up to 20 intelligent flight modes. Say goodbye to time constraints and enjoy longer flights and hassle-free filming with our convenient and thoughtful features.

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Support the Hover X1 Campaign: Unleash Your Creativity

The Hover Camera X1 is not just a product; it’s a gateway to artistic expression and immersive storytelling. By backing our campaign, you become part of a community that celebrates creativity and cherishes life’s most beautiful moments. Embrace the freedom of hands-free flying and take your photography and videography to uncharted heights.

Capture Life’s Adventures with Hover X1

Join us on this journey to revolutionize the way we capture and share life’s adventures. Let the Hover Camera X1 be your trusted companion in crafting unforgettable stories, one aerial shot at a time. Act now and support the Hover X1 campaign. Together, let’s soar to new horizons and redefine the art of visual storytelling. Thank you for your support!

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