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Join Calum on a Life-Changing Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Peru

Join Calum on a Life-Changing Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Peru


Hi everyone! I’m excited to share with you my upcoming volunteering trip to Cusco, Peru, hosted by IVHQ (The International Volunteering Head Quarters). IVHQ is a well-respected organization that brings people from over 96 nationalities together to create positive transformations through life-enriching travel experiences. They only work with organizations that truly understand the needs of the communities they serve and regularly audit each program to ensure that it is having its intended impact. Every IVHQ program works towards sustainable long-term goals that benefit the local economy, environment, and people.

The Project

I will be participating in a three-week construction and renovation volunteer project in Cusco, starting on October 25th. This project is unique in that it has a three-fold impact – the volunteer work itself helps with construction and renovation tasks, donations towards the project pay for materials, and the resulting buildings can be used to host other important community projects. This is especially important in low-income communities in Cusco that may not have the funds and resources to see projects through.

As a construction and renovations volunteer, I will be helping with local building projects, often at schools, community centers, and clinics. I will work under the supervision of a local foreman, who will provide their direction and expertise. The specific projects I work on will depend on local priorities at the time, but my duties may include construction, renovation, painting, and gardening.

This three-week expedition is an incredible opportunity for me to pursue something I am passionate about – contributing to poorer communities in culturally rich and diverse parts of the world.

The Fundraiser

To help fund this trip, I will be participating in a 212-mile cycling fundraiser along the Hebridean Way cycling route from Vatersay to the Butt of Lewis in Stornoway. I will be completing this route over the course of three days, averaging around 62 miles per day from October 11th to 14th.

Any contribution towards this expedition would be greatly appreciated. Your support will help me cover the costs of this trip and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the community in Cusco. Thank you for considering supporting me in this journey!

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