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Maximize Your Vehicle’s Security with Dash Cam Omni: The 360° Rotating Dash Camera Guard

Maximize Your Vehicle's Security with Dash Cam Omni: The 360° Rotating Dash Camera Guard

Introducing Dash Cam Omni: the 360° rotating vehicle security guard that will keep you and your vehicle safe at all times. With 360° full view, AI motion detection, superb night vision, GPS and route tracking, and voice control, Dash Cam Omni is the ultimate solution for on-road protection.

Thanks to the support of our fans, 70mai has established a global presence, selling over 1.5 million units to 103 countries just last year. And now, we’re back with a brand new solution that builds upon the success of our previous generation cameras. Dash Cam Omni is equipped with 2-Phase Stepping Motors that provide smooth movement across 340°, combined with a 140° FOV camera that minimizes distortion. This results in the industry’s first real 360°, no blind spot full-view dash cam that constantly monitors everything happening in all directions around the car.

But Dash Cam Omni isn’t just about capturing footage – it’s also about providing advanced security features. With its upgraded AI Motion Detection algorithm, Dash Cam Omni is able to identify humans around your car, detect their motion, and precisely target their location. If people remain suspicious and close to your car, Dash Cam Omni spontaneously follows and records their movements with 360° surveillance. And in the event of a collision, Dash Cam Omni’s exclusive Collision Detection Algorithm automatically pinpoints the direction of motion, turns toward it, and records footage for up to 30 seconds after the collision occurs.

And when you’re not driving, Dash Cam Omni’s parking mode continuously records the vehicle’s surroundings with time lapses, compressing 30 minutes of footage into 1 minute for quick overviews. Plus, with its F1.5 large aperture and PureCel®Plus-S HDR technology, Dash Cam Omni delivers best-in-class low-light performance and excellent color performance under high contrast conditions. And with 60 FPS video recording, you’ll be able to capture important details like license plates more clearly.

But Dash Cam Omni doesn’t just protect your vehicle – it also protects you and your passengers on the road. Its upgraded ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) identifies potentially dangerous situations involving vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles, alerting you to avoid them. And with built-in GPS, you can track your routes and easily find your car after it has been parked or moved without authorization. Plus, with voice control (in English only), you can safely operate the camera while driving without taking your attention away from the road.

And when you’re away from your vehicle, Dash Cam Omni’s 4G hardwire kit allows you to operate the camera remotely and see what’s going on inside and outside of your car. Plus, with cloud storage options, you can easily access and share footage from anywhere.

So why wait? Get Dash Cam Omni today and start protecting yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle on the road. Thank you for considering Dash Cam Omni for your vehicle security needs.

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