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Transform Your Marketing Efforts with RAD AI’s Emotion-Understanding Technology


Hello potential investors,

We are excited to present to you the opportunity to invest in RAD AI, the world’s first AI marketing platform built to understand emotion. This groundbreaking technology is revolutionizing the $120 billion marketing technology industry and has the potential to change the way companies engage with their diverse and global audiences.

Highlights of RAD AI include:

  • $2.2 million revenue run-rate and 310% annual revenue growth
  • Customers including Accenture, Condé Nast, Dignity Health, and Fortune 500s
  • $300 million potential serviceable market among contracted clients
  • World-class team with 5 exits and experience scaling companies to $30 million+ ARR
  • Delivered 100 million+ marketing impressions with 92% accuracy over the past year alone
  • Positioned to disrupt the explosive marketing technology industry
  • Backed by Fidelity Investments and Expert Dojo, the 3rd most active US seed investor after Techstars and Y Combinator
  • Featured in Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Time, and more

Digital advertisers bombard us with unwanted and irrelevant communication every day. Companies want to connect with us, but they’re fundamentally missing the mark. Over $75 billion a year is wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns because companies lack the capability to engage diverse audiences at scale. That’s where RAD AI comes in.

Our AI marketing platform translates marketing gibberish into authentic language that resonates with diverse and global audiences. This enables companies to create high-performing social media posts, blogs, captioned videos, and paid media ads that truly connect with their customers. By blending the magic of storytelling with the mastery of AI, we help companies design authentic, inclusive marketing programs for their diverse and global audiences.

RAD AI’s competitive advantage is our IP and AI, which is unrivaled in the industry. We have invested $20 million in R&D to ensure that our AI has a 92% accuracy rating, beating out even Bert, Google’s language AI, by 30%. Our technology was built on the foundation of Atomic Reach, a marketing technology company we acquired to scale our artificial intelligence capabilities. The acquisition included our proprietary AI platform that helps marketers eliminate guesswork and rewrite content based on audience profiles.

With RAD AI’s marketing technology platform, companies can humanize and measure their most important content across digital channels. When tested against client benchmarks and normative databases, RAD’s technology performs measurably better than existing conversion metrics. Our robust SaaS-focused business model is designed to land enterprise clients and expand their contracts through multi-year commitments. We offer recurring Software-as-a-Service contracts for our AI platform, premium attachment services including platform support and training, and sticky client relationships built into our platform design.

By investing in RAD AI now, you get to participate in the upside alongside VCs, financial institutions, professional investors, and recognized industry leaders. Our exit strategy is to bring RAD to the public markets, and we are committed to delivering the best return on investment to our investors. Use of proceeds will include expanding our sales and marketing efforts, investing in R&D, and preparing for future growth.

If you’re interested in being a part of the future of marketing technology and investing in RAD AI, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and discussing this exciting opportunity with you.

Thank you for considering investing in RAD AI. We hope to have you on board as we revolutionize the marketing industry and make all communication more human.

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