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Introducing VH-80A: The Ultimate Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter

VH-80A: The Ultimate Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter

Introducing VH-80A, the world’s most advanced dual laser distance meter with groundbreaking Auto Calibration technology. Say goodbye to the frustrations of slow, inaccurate measuring tools on the job. With VH-80A, you’ll wield the power and precision of a professional, empowering you to tackle any project with confidence and accuracy. Say hello to a new level of efficiency and professionalism with VH-80A.

The Power of Dual Laser Technology: Introducing VH-80A

Unleash Unprecedented Efficiency

Gone are the days of tedious measuring with conventional tools. The VH-80A boasts dual laser technology, making your work up to nine times faster than before. Now, you can measure at any point on the line with a single click, ensuring rapid and accurate results every time.

Auto Calibration: Elevating Accuracy to New Heights

Trust in the precision of VH-80A’s Auto Calibration feature to elevate your measuring operations to unparalleled levels of comfort, efficiency, and professionalism. No more checking bubble levels for horizontal alignment—the VH-80A automatically detects 0 degrees, guaranteeing precise and accurate measurement values.
























Triple the Efficiency with Three Measurement Values

VH-80A goes above and beyond by providing three measurement values in just one take—left, right, and total distance. This impressive function records three measurements instead of just one, saving you time and boosting your productivity. With VH-80A, you can focus on what truly matters and leave the worries of measuring behind.

Two Way Laser Technology: Unmatched Convenience

Experience unparalleled convenience with VH-80A’s Two Way Laser Technology. Forget about using bent rulers or kneeling down for measurements. With VH-80A, you can effortlessly perform measurements without moving, like a true professional.

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Precision Redefined – Magpie Phase Shift Analysis (MPSA) Technology

Next-Level Accuracy with MPSA Technology

Accurate measurements are crucial, and that’s why VH-80A is equipped with Magpie Phase Shift Analysis (MPSA) technology. This patented laser technology ensures even higher accuracy with an error range of just 3mm. Say goodbye to measurement discrepancies and confidently complete your projects with precise and accurate results.

Defying the Odds with Advanced Algorithms

Measuring at a distance of 30m (98ft) can introduce significant errors, especially with a mere 10-degree difference in angle. Such inaccuracies can occur due to tilting the device unintentionally or hand tremors during measurement. VH-80A’s advanced algorithm addresses these challenges, delivering unparalleled accuracy and making it the ultimate measuring tool for your projects.
Versatility Meets Durability – Your Reliable Partner on Any Project

Angle and Leveling Sensors: Unmatched Verification

Verifying measurements can be time-consuming, but VH-80A simplifies the process with built-in angle and leveling sensors. Ideal for woodworking, construction, carpentry, real estate agency, and DIY projects, VH-80A ensures your measurements are accurate and reliable.

Angle Sensor Mode: Find Angles with Ease

Finding angles has never been easier. Switch to angle sensor mode, place the device down, and the angle will be displayed. No more guesswork or manual calculations—VH-80A handles it all for you.








Enhanced Durability and Water Resistance

VH-80A is built to withstand the toughest job sites with its three layers of protection and water resistance. Count on VH-80A to be your reliable partner, enduring through years of demanding use.
Unveiling the Future – Innovative Features and Functionality

Supercharged Efficiency with Magpie Max

The VH-80A is supercharged by the innovative Magpie Max solution, maximizing battery life. With just 1 hour of supercharging, VH-80A can perform over 1,000 measurements. Never worry about a dead battery slowing you down, as VH-80A provides maximum efficiency for all-day use.

Sketch Mode: Unleash Creativity

Create detailed floor plans quickly with VH-80A’s Sketch Mode. Drag and drop data from your measurements, edit photos, and export your sketch for use with third-party programs. Perfect for floor plan creation, sending initial plans to clients, and storing measurements for projects.

Calculation Mode: Minimize Material Waste

Save time and money with Calculation Mode. Input or select data from records to estimate the quantity of materials needed for your projects. Lower your material costs and boost project efficiency with VH-80A’s intelligent calculation feature.

Support the VH-80A Revolution – Back Our Kickstarter Campaign

The VH-80A is not just another measuring tool—it’s a game-changer for professionals seeking precision, efficiency, and reliability. By supporting our Crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be a part of the revolution, transforming the way measurements are made.

Our Promise to You

We have devoted years to refining VH-80A’s design and technology. Rigorously tested and prototyped since 2020, we are confident in the logistical and practical aspects of manufacturing VH-80A. With your help and support, we can bring this extraordinary device to life.

Join the VH-80A Community

We value transparency and open communication. As we progress with manufacturing and delivery, we will keep you updated with regular posts and communication. Your feedback and concerns matter to us, and we are always here to address any questions you may have.

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Elevate Your Measurements – Pledge Today!

Say goodbye to slow, inaccurate measurements and embrace the power of VH-80A. Back our Kickstarter campaign today and secure your VH-80A at an exclusive price. Embrace the future of distance measurement and become a true expert with VH-80A by your side. Let’s make precision and efficiency the standard in every project together!

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