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Euhomy: The Electric Cooler With A Fully Automated Ice Maker

Euhomy: The Electric Cooler With A Fully Automated Ice Maker

Welcome to the Future of Outdoor Cooling! Are you tired of traditional coolers that can’t keep up with your outdoor adventures? Are you fed up with the constant hassle of buying ice and dealing with melted water? Say hello to Euhomy, your ultimate companion for outdoor cooling. Euhomy is not just a cooler; it’s a revolutionary portable electric cooler with a fully automated ice maker that will transform the way you experience the great outdoors.

Ice On-Demand – Anytime, Anywhere: Euhomy

Picture this: You’re on a camping trip, and the scorching sun is making everyone crave a cold drink. With Euhomy’s built-in ice maker, you can produce ice on-demand with just a touch of a button. No more trips to the store for bags of ice; you have an endless supply of refreshing ice cubes right at your fingertips. Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or hosting a backyard barbecue, Euhomy ensures you never run out of cold refreshments.

Unmatched Portability and Convenience

Transporting a heavy cooler can be a real hassle, especially when you’re already loaded with gear for your outdoor adventures. Euhomy has you covered with its built-in wheels and handle, making it effortless to move around. No more straining your back or asking for help; Euhomy’s portable design lets you glide through any terrain with ease. The removable wheels ensure stability, even in rugged environments. It’s time to experience the ultimate convenience and portability for all your outdoor activities.

Long-Lasting Cooling Power

Euhomy’s high-capacity removable battery is designed to keep your cooler running for extended periods. No need to worry about power sources; with Euhomy’s built-in USB port, you can charge your devices, ensuring you stay connected even in remote locations. Need extra power? Simply swap the battery or connect a backup for uninterrupted cooling. Euhomy has thought of everything to keep your adventures going without a hitch.

Ample Space for All Your Essentials

Euhomy offers a generous 33L refrigerator and a 12L ice maker, providing ample space for all your food and drinks. Keep your beverages, snacks, and perishables cold and organized, while the ice maker guarantees a steady supply of refreshing ice cubes. With Euhomy, you can finally pack everything you need without compromising on freshness.





Precision Temperature Control

Every outdoor excursion is unique, and so are your cooling needs. Euhomy’s temperature control panel and companion app allow you to adjust the internal temperature precisely. Keep your items chilled between -4° and 50° Fahrenheit (-20° to 10° Celsius), ensuring optimal freshness for an array of items, from fruits and vegetables to meats and beverages.

Smart Features for the Modern Adventurer

Euhomy is not just a cooler; it’s a powerhouse of innovative features designed with you in mind. The cooler comes equipped with a USB port for charging your devices, so you never miss a moment capturing memories. A built-in bottle opener means you can crack open cold beverages with ease. The cup holders, capable of holding up to 10 cups, keep your drinks secure while you enjoy the great outdoors. Additionally, the visible window above the ice maker lets you observe the ice-making process, adding a touch of wonder to your cooling experience.

Reliability Guaranteed

Euhomy understands that when you’re in the great outdoors, reliability is paramount. That’s why our portable electric cooler comes with multiple protection functions to ensure uninterrupted cooling. Rest assured, no matter where your adventures take you, Euhomy will be your reliable companion, keeping your food fresh and your drinks ice-cold.

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The Power of the Euhomy App

Control your cooling experience with ease using Euhomy’s mobile app. Adjust the temperature, start the ice maker, or check the battery level – all from the palm of your hand. The app is user-friendly and intuitive, giving you complete control over your Euhomy electric cooler. Embrace the future of outdoor cooling with the power of technology at your fingertips.

A Global Solution

Euhomy’s commitment to excellence extends to customers worldwide. The portable cooler is meticulously engineered to accommodate voltage ranges from 100V to 240V, ensuring seamless operation in diverse countries across the globe. When you place an order, you’ll receive a version of the machine equipped with a local plug, no matter where you are. Embrace the cool life, no matter where your adventures take you.

Join the Euhomy Cool Life Movement

Euhomy is not just a company; it’s a movement dedicated to enriching lives with cool and refreshing experiences. We are passionate about creating innovative ice-related products that empower you to live life to the fullest. Our products are designed to complement a wide range of beverages, ensuring you always have the perfect refreshment by your side.

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Risks and Challenges

We understand that bringing a product like Euhomy to life comes with its fair share of challenges. However, our team is experienced and dedicated, working closely with designers and manufacturers to stick to our outlined schedule. While unforeseen circumstances may arise, we promise to be transparent with our backers and keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. Our goal is to deliver a product that makes you happy and proud to have supported us.

Embrace the Cool Life with Euhomy

The future of outdoor cooling is here, and it’s called Euhomy. Say goodbye to traditional coolers and hello to a world of convenience, portability, and endless refreshment. Back our campaign today and be a part of the cool life movement. Your support will help us bring this revolutionary product to life and transform the way outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their adventures. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and experience the true essence of refreshment with Euhomy!

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