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Experience the Power of the Navigator’s Loupe by Oceanus Brass

Experience the Power of the Navigator's Loupe by Oceanus Brass

Thank you for considering supporting our project, the Navigator’s Loupe by Oceanus Brass. We are excited to bring this nautically inspired magnifying instrument to market and believe it will be a valuable addition to any ocean explorer’s toolkit.

The Navigator’s Loupe is made from a brick of solid brass, ensuring it is rustproof and ready to withstand even the toughest conditions. Its impact-resistant, biconvex glass lens is protected by meticulous metalcraft and sealed with rubber O-rings, while stainless steel hardware holds the instrument together. With a 1.523 refractive index, the lens provides clear and crisp magnification, making it perfect for examining navigational charts or recently discovered treasures. The 1.8” aperture also provides the concentrating power needed in emergency situations or to leave a lasting impression.

We have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the Navigator’s Loupe is built to last and will thrive over decades of use. We stand behind the quality of our tool and the uniqueness of its hardware, and we hope that its character will bring joy and nostalgia to all who use it. The Navigator’s Loupe is currently spec’d with dimensions that may change slightly as we optimize our manufacturing systems and the tool’s design. Thanks to the support of our backers, we were able to unlock two stretch goals, resulting in new dimensions for the final product.

In addition to its functionality, the Navigator’s Loupe is also designed to be stylish and practical. Its rich color and practical beauty make it perfect for everyday use, travel, or adventure. And with the included bow-shackle, you can easily attach the Navigator’s Loupe to your backpack, sailing jacket, or any outdoor equipment, ensuring you never lose this valuable tool.

At Oceanus Brass, we are inspired by the rich nautical history of our home in Boston and the art and science of sailing and exploration. Our first product, the Bow Shackle Pen, has been embraced by the ocean-loving community worldwide, and we are excited to continue sharing our nautically inspired tools with the world.

We launched Oceanus Brass because we wanted to turn our ideas into action and inspire others to do the same. The Navigator’s Loupe project has been both challenging and rewarding, and we are proud to share it with you. We hope you will join us in bringing this tool to market and supporting our vision of creating high-quality, durable, and stylish products that pay tribute to the rich history of the sea.

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