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Hsting: The Ultimate 5-in-1 PD240W GaN Display Charger

Hsting: The Ultimate 5-in-1 PD240W GaN Display Charger

Introducing the Hsting Charger—a powerful solution designed to meet all your charging needs in one sleek package.

240W Max Output: With GaN technology, the Hsting Charger delivers an impressive 240W of power, ensuring fast and efficient charging for up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Real-time Display: Monitor the voltage, current, and charging power of each port in real-time with the digital LED display. Stay informed and optimize your charging experience for maximum efficiency.
Fast Charging: Experience lightning-fast charging speeds with PD3.1 technology. The USB-C ports deliver up to 140W individually, ensuring rapid charging for even the most power-hungry devices.
Safety First: Rest easy knowing your devices are protected with multiple safety features, including overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. Keep yourself and your devices safe while charging.
Worldwide Compatibility: Travel with ease thanks to the included 3-prong AC extension cord, compatible with US/EU/UK/AU standards. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Hsting Charger has you covered.

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 Hsting: The Ultimate 5-in-1 PD240W GaN Display Charger

Simultaneously charge 3 laptops at blazing speeds, with each USB-C port delivering up to 100W+65W+65W of power.
Experience rapid charging for your MacBook Pro 16 2021 or later, with the USB-C 1 port pumping out 140W for lightning-fast charging times.

With GaN+ and PD3.1 technology, the Hsting Charger maximizes charging efficiency while minimizing heat dissipation. Say goodbye to slow charging and hello to rapid, efficient power delivery.

Join the Revolution:

Experience the convenience of streamlined charging with the Hsting Charger. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, stay powered up and ready to go with the ultimate charging solution.

Back us now and be among the first to experience the power and convenience of the Hsting Charger. Say goodbye to cluttered charging stations and hello to a world of fast, efficient charging. Don’t miss out—get yours today

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