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Introducing Mudix: Your Ultimate Portable Outdoor Projector

Introducing Mudix: Your Ultimate Portable Outdoor Projector

Get ready to revolutionize your outdoor entertainment experience with Mudix, the ultimate portable outdoor projector designed to elevate your visual and auditory senses. With its 1080p physical resolution and 4K HD video playback capabilities, Mudix delivers stunning cinematic experiences with high-resolution color reproduction and cinematic PQ picture quality tuning. Prepare to be immersed in a world of unparalleled visuals and sound, all in the comfort of the great outdoors.

Uninterrupted Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime: Introducing Mudix

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional projectors and embrace the freedom of Mudix’s wireless and portable design. Featuring a powerful 250Wh removable long-life battery, each lasting up to 4.5 hours, you can enjoy up to three movies and 40 songs on a single charge. And when the battery runs low, simply replace it for continuous entertainment without the hassle of wires. Whether you’re at home, in the mountains, by the stream, or on the road, Mudix provides uninterrupted fun and excitement 24/7.

Portability Redefined

No more lugging around heavy equipment or compromising your outdoor adventures. Mudix’s lightweight and cordless design allows you to carry it with one hand and set it up effortlessly wherever you go. Gone are the days of moving the projector to avoid smoke during a backyard party. With Mudix, you have the freedom to enjoy hassle-free and comfortable entertainment, anytime, anywhere.

Unmatched Visual Excellence

Mudix effortlessly detects and highlights key features without manual adjustments, resulting in larger projection areas and superior image quality. Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals while watching movies, playing games, or sharing photos with friends and family. Mudix’s trapezoidal correction, four-point correction, and full-size zooming offer enhanced flexibility, guaranteeing an unforgettable viewing experience.

Enhanced Auditory Sensation

Experience a new level of auditory delight with Mudix’s built-in dual 3W*2 stereo speakers. Immerse yourself in rich and immersive sounds while enjoying your favorite content. With the latest temperature control technology, Mudix reduces fan noise by 80%, ensuring a distraction-free and truly immersive viewing experience.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Connect to a wide range of devices, including laptops, gaming consoles, and smartphones, with Mudix’s multiple connection ports. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or sharing memories with loved ones, Mudix offers unparalleled flexibility in your entertainment options. Additionally, project your Smartphone, Laptop, or Tablet through Wi-Fi using our gaming projector for a larger home theater experience of up to 180 inches. The MUDIX smart projector supports the latest WIFI6 technology for fast and stable transmission, making screen mirroring a breeze.













Enjoy Pre-Installed Licensed APKs

Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and configuring apps – Mudix comes pre-loaded with a vast library of pre-installed and licensed APKs, including popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. Our wireless and portable projector grants you instant access to your favorite movies and TV shows with just a click of the dedicated Netflix button on the remote control. Embrace the ultimate entertainment experience with Mudix and dive into a world of limitless possibilities.

Easy Setup, Instant Entertainment

Experience the convenience of instant entertainment with Mudix’s easy setup. No need for curtain adjustments or repeated tinkering with the projection area. Simply set up Mudix in three minutes and three simple steps, and you’re ready to enjoy movies or project a serene night sky directly onto your tent without cords or curtains. Pure enjoyment, no fuss, with Mudix.

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Your Complete Outdoor Cinema Setup

Make outdoor movie nights a breeze with Mudix’s full set of outdoor curtains and curtain supports. Setting up your outdoor cinema is now hassle-free, with fewer site requirements to worry about. The triangular stand ensures stable placement on various surfaces, including lawns or uneven terrains. For added flexibility, our customized projector stand securely holds the machine and battery, allowing you to adjust the projection direction and angle to suit your needs. When it’s time to hit the road, the entire set can be easily stored in a compact handbag, allowing you to enjoy the magic of a mobile cinema anywhere and at any time.


























Global Shipping, Uniting the World with Innovation

We believe that distance should never be a barrier to experiencing innovation, quality, and exceptional service. That’s why we are thrilled to offer worldwide shipping, bringing Mudix right to your doorstep, no matter where you are. Join our global community of outdoor entertainment enthusiasts and embrace the wonders of Mudix, the ultimate portable outdoor projector.

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Are you ready to unlock the power of outdoor entertainment with Mudix? Support our Crowdfunding campaign and become a part of the Mudix revolution. With your backing, we can bring this groundbreaking portable projector to life, enriching outdoor experiences worldwide. Say hello to unparalleled visual excellence, immersive sound, and limitless entertainment possibilities. Embrace Mudix, and let the outdoor entertainment adventures begin!

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