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Introducing Origin 800: The World’s First Smart Modular Power System

Introducing Origin 800: The World's First Smart Modular Power System

At YOOATOM, we’re shaking up the energy landscape and introducing a game-changing innovation – the Origin 800. Imagine a power system that’s more than just modular; it’s shareable, adaptable, and personalized to your precise requirements. Say goodbye to traditional single-use power banks and static energy stations. The Origin 800 transforms energy into a dynamic, exchangeable resource that you can distribute, swap, and utilize as you see fit. It’s a leap forward, empowering you with control over power like never before. Get ready to experience the power of sharing with the Origin 800.

Revolutionize Your Power Experience: The World’s First Smart Modular Power System

Meet the Standalone Powerbanks of Origin 800 – our interpretation of ‘sharing.’ Every battery pack within the Origin 800 isn’t just a piece of the puzzle; it’s an independent power bank, waiting to be put to use. So, the next time you embark on an outdoor adventure, don’t just bring along a power station – bring a shareable power ecosystem!

Each of these compact modules boasts an impressive 86.4Wh/27000mAh capacity and features a bi-directional 60W Type-C(PD3.0) port for efficient charging. Perfect for quickly powering up laptops, smartphones, and various other devices.

Seamless Power Expansion

Picture stacking one Origin 800 module on top of another – what do you get? A seamless transfer of energy without any cumbersome cables. When you stack modules, our innovative bump detection mechanism comes into play. This technology triggers the latch to automatically extend, securing the modules in place. Effortless power expansion is now at your fingertips.

The flexibility of our Power Stacks (batteries) and Power Dock (top unit) allows you to freely combine them, creating a customizable ‘Energy Vault’ with varying capacities.

power hub

Your Safety is Our Priority

Safety is paramount with the Origin 800, featuring a dual-layer protection system. This unique safeguard ensures that each module can withstand a single failure, while the entire device is fortified to handle dual failures. With six robust safety measures – Over Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Over Charge, and Low Voltage Protection – your devices are in trustworthy hands. We’re not just delivering power; we’re delivering peace of mind.

Unleash 800W AC Power

The Origin 800 doesn’t hold back, delivering a robust 800W AC output. This extraordinary capability empowers you to run high-powered appliances and electronics on the go, transforming camping trips into luxurious experiences and ensuring your comfort is never compromised, no matter where you are.

With a generous array of 13 Output Ports, the Origin 800 serves as a true power hub. Say farewell to the days of juggling multiple chargers and devices. Now, you can effortlessly power everything from your laptop to your camping refrigerator, all at once. It’s your ultimate solution for keeping all your devices charged and operational – whether you’re at a remote work site, on a camping expedition, or dealing with a power outage at home.

Intelligent and Eco-Friendly Power

The Origin 800’s unique module-level PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control harmonizes different voltage battery packs, enabling a unified 800W power output. But there’s more to it – our exclusive BMS battery balancing technology intelligently identifies modules requiring balancing, minimizing energy loss to the lowest possible levels. This isn’t just power; it’s intelligent power!

Recharge your Origin 800 in five versatile ways: achieve maximum charging power of 400W by using both solar input (up to 200W) and the high-powered Type-C port simultaneously, resulting in a full 720Wh charge in just 1.9 hours. Other charging options include three additional 100W Type-C ports, 130W car charging, or individual 60W recharges for each Power Stack/Power Dock via their dedicated Type-C ports. With the Origin 800, you’re harnessing nature’s energy for an eco-friendly power solution.

Customize Your Power

The Origin 800 provides flexible energy capacity ranging from a substantial 460Wh to an impressive 720Wh. Whether you’re seeking power for everyday gadgets or requiring an extra boost for larger devices, the expandable capacity of the Origin 800 caters to your specific power needs.

Each battery doesn’t just function as a standalone power bank – by swapping them on the Power Hub (base unit), you can keep your devices operational without interruption. It’s as simple as changing batteries on a remote control, yet the power supply is virtually limitless. With extra battery sets, you’re also creating a reserve of energy for unforeseen emergencies.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

Equipped with an ultra-fast 15ms Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the Origin 800 guarantees power protection for your connected electronics. When power is disrupted or fluctuates, the UPS instantly provides clean battery backup power and surge protection, ensuring the safety of your sensitive equipment.

But the Origin 800 is more than just power; it’s about personalized freedom. With three unique modules, you can directly stack onto each Power Stack (battery), expanding functions and enabling voice interaction.

The Power Dock, situated atop the battery, also serves as an output extension module. It offers an additional four 18W USB-A ports and a 10W wireless charging platform – all the connectivity you need for your devices.

Innovative Modules for Every Need

Imagine a Cooling & Heating module that chills down to 32°F (0°C) within 10 minutes or heats up to 140°F (60°C) within 20 minutes. This module can be stacked on a Power Stack or powered directly via a Type-C power cable, functioning as your portable micro-fridge and heater combined.

Or consider a Lamp module that offers 360-degree surround lighting with stepless dimming and three lighting modes. Perfect for camping or emergency lighting, this module can be stacked on a Power Stack or powered directly via a Type-C power cable, providing illumination for your adventures or security during emergencies.

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Complete Command with the APP

Stay in full control of your Origin 800 system through our user-friendly app. Monitor the Power Hub, Power Stack, Power Dock, and other modules in real-time. Check the remaining power levels and estimate how long your modules can run. You can even directly control or interact with your lamp and Cooling & Heating module via simple voice commands. With the Origin 800, power management is just a tap or voice command away.

Transparency and Innovation

With advanced software encoding technology, each Origin 800 module is assigned a unique ID. This technology allows bus communication to identify each module through its distinct ID, displaying the status information of every battery within each module on the app. This unparalleled level of transparency and control brings a new dimension to energy management.

Leveraging our proprietary modular communication technology, Origin 800 can identify the Lamp and Cooling & Heating modules stacked onto the Power Stack. This enables voice control of the smart cup cooler and lamp, offering you hands-free and relaxed interaction with your power system.

power hub

Aesthetics and Portability

Personalization takes center stage with Origin 800’s light rings. Not only can you alter the ring’s color and choose from various lighting themes to match your mood, but it also boasts a built-in microphone. This feature allows your light ring to synchronize with your music’s beat, creating a dynamic and immersive environment.

Our intelligently designed bag can comfortably house four Power Stacks (or Power Docks) along with the Lamp and Cooling & Heating modules. Need more power on the go? Fit up to eight Power Stacks (or Power Docks). Now, carry your customized power system with the utmost convenience, wherever your journey takes you.

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Join the Revolution with YOOATOM

Founded in 2020, YOOATOM is a trailblazer in intelligent mobile energy solutions. Guided by our innovative product development philosophy, we envision a future of eco-friendly, intelligent, sharing, and practical modular integration. This vision extends beyond energy storage, creating a broader ecosystem.

Our team is comprised of top-tier experts, including military-grade engineers, hardware technology professionals from renowned American companies, a senior hardware supervisor from Beaver, and a former Sony supply chain manager. This diverse team embodies our ethos and dedication. The Origin 800, our flagship product, exemplifies our commitment to a smarter, greener, and more portable lifestyle. Through our pioneering technology and expert team, we’re set to revolutionize energy consumption and management, catering to the diverse needs of the global market.

Support the Origin 800 Revolution

Our flagship product, the Origin 800, marks the beginning of the ‘energy storage revolution.’ If you share our confidence in this new philosophy, we invite you to join us on this groundbreaking journey. Your support can pave the way for a future powered by intelligence, flexibility, and sustainability. Embrace the Origin 800 and be a part of shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow.

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