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Project Watcher: Elevate Your Video Communication with Dual-Camera Power

Introducing Project Watcher: Elevate Your Video Communication with Dual-Camera Power

Are you tired of settling for standard webcams that limit your video communication potential? Do you wish to connect with your audience and showcase your talents simultaneously, without any compromises? Meet Project Watcher, the game-changing dual-camera plug-and-play webcam that revolutionizes how you communicate, collaborate, and create content.

The Power of Dual Cameras: Project Watcher

Traditional webcams force you to choose between connecting with your audience and showcasing your talent. With Project Watcher, you no longer have to make that difficult decision. Unlock the power of dual-camera capabilities and take video communication to a whole new level. Provide your audience with a multi-angled view of yourself and your talent, offering them a more engaging and immersive experience.

Seamless Simplicity

Project Watcher is designed for simplicity, making it a fully hardware-based, plug-and-play solution. No more complex setups or software installations. With Project Watcher, all the magic happens within the camera itself. It takes videos from two cameras and seamlessly merges them into a single video output. Say hello to effortless functionality and a hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Visual Storytelling

Imagine being able to showcase both your face and what you’re doing simultaneously. That’s the power of dual webcams. Project Watcher empowers you with endless content creation possibilities, allowing you to tell captivating visual stories. Whether you’re conducting online tutorials, showcasing your artistic process like drawing, or demonstrating a craft, the dual-camera setup ensures that your audience doesn’t miss a single detail.


Increased Productivity in Video Conferencing

Effective communication relies on body language, facial expressions, and gestures. However, when presenting physical documents or products in video conferencing, these essential aspects are often sacrificed. Not anymore. Project Watcher ensures you can do both. Present your documents while showcasing your presence, all from a single input with two camera perspectives. Boost collaboration, engagement, and telepresence with this innovative feature.

Seamless Video Switching

With Project Watcher and our intuitively designed IR remote, switching between camera angles is a breeze. Go from one perspective to another with a simple press of a button. Content creators can now provide a dynamic and professional viewing experience for their supporters, whether it’s during game streams, live interviews, or live selling shows. Customize your camera setup exactly the way you want it with the industry-standard 1/4″-20 mount compatible with various camera, microphone, and lighting stands.

State-of-the-Art Sony Starvis Sensors

Project Watcher is built with excellence in mind. Equipped with two state-of-the-art Sony Starvis sensors, it delivers exceptional video performance in various lighting conditions. Say goodbye to dull, blurry videos and embrace crisp, sharp images that truly capture your essence. With Project Watcher, your videos will stand out, making a lasting impact on your audience.

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Meet the Cameras: Cam 01 and Cam 02

Cam 01: Front-Facing Camera

Designed for versatility, Cam 01 features a wide-angle 22mm F/2.4 (35mm equivalent) lens with 2X digital zoom. It’s perfect for accommodating both single users and groups. Whether you’re conducting video conferences, hosting webinars, or simply connecting with friends and family, Cam 01 ensures you look your best.

Cam 02: Object-Facing Camera

Cam 02 takes your video communication to the next level with its superior optics. It features a lens with up to 2.75x optical zoom, enabling you to capture essential details in your videos. Covering a 35mm equivalent range of 20-55mm with a large aperture of F/1.6 – 3.3, Cam 02 lets you focus on what matters most. Additionally, it comes with a Super Macro mode for close focusing of up to 1cm, capturing objects as small as 10 x 18mm. Perfect for product showcases, demonstrations, and creative content.





















Your Project Watcher Package

Each unit purchase of Project Watcher comes with everything you need to start your video communication journey:

Watcher Dual Camera Webcam
Complimentary Desktop Stand (worth $49)
IR Remote Controller
Detachable Link Cable
USB C Connection Cable

Join the Project Watcher Revolution

Are you ready to elevate your video communication, enhance your content creation, and make a lasting impact on your audience? Support our Crowdfunding campaign for Project Watcher and be a part of the video communication revolution. With your backing, we can bring this innovative dual-camera plug-and-play webcam to life, transforming how the world connects, communicates, and collaborates.

Take action now and support the Project Watcher campaign. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of video communication and create a new era of seamless, immersive, and captivating content. Embrace the power of Project Watcher and watch your creativity soar!

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